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Download free | Watch free online Aao Wish Karein Hindi movie

Cast: Aftab Shivdasani,Aamna Shariff,Johny Lever
Director: Glenn Baretto
Producer: Aftab Shivdasani
Background Music: Ankur Tewari, Xulfi, Mikey Mccleary
Sound: Kunal Mehta, Parikshit Lalwani
Lyrics: Ankur Tewari, Xulfi, Danish Khan
Cinematography: Keshav Prakash
Editing: Steven H. Bernard
Art Direction: Tina Dharamsey
Screenplay: Aftab Shivdasani
Story/Writer: Aftab Shivdasani
Release Date: 13 Nov 2009
Genre: Fantasy

Aao Wish Karein Indian Movie Synopsis:

12 year old Mickey's life was almost like a fairy tale, a beautiful family, best buddy 'Bonnie' and his angel on earth - Mitika . But one beautiful day Mickey's fairy tale shattered into million pieces. It was the day he realized he was an adopted child and his 23 year old angel Mitika called him a 'Kid'. He ran aimlessly from the harsh reality. Tired and drained of all emotions he sat all by himself until Hitchcock read his sad story from the dried up patterns of his tears..Watch online Movie Trailer free Aao Wish Karein Hindi Bollywood Indian film.The film Directed by :Glenn Baretto .

Aao Wish Karein "Bad things happen to good people, but my dear Mickey good things always follow". Hitchcock philosophized. Mickey was feeling so low that he wished for a Miracle. He wished to become big. That night he walked into his house feeling almost like a stranger, tired and drained he dozed off to sleep. To his astonishment he woke up next morning and realized that his wish had been granted. He had turned big. But was this miracle a blessing or a curse in disguise?

Aao Wish Karein Bollywood Movie Review :

The story doesn’t waste unnecessary time and gets to the point from the very start. Once Mickey grows up the fun ride begins. The bonding between Mickey and his Sardar friend Bonnie in the hill-station of Shimla has the feel and freshness of Hrithik Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya . The romance between Mitika and the young-at-heart Mickey is sublime and has its saccharine coated feel-good moments.

Of course there are some places where the script tends to get ‘larger-than-life’. It’s a little difficult to digest the fact that when Mickey grows up overnight, he becomes a game designer and is also gifted with a bungalow by his boss for his quick achievements. Also with the romance track taking prominence there’s not much mention on Mickey’s family that resurfaces only in the climax.

Download Aao Wish Karein Songs - Bollywood Movie

Aao Wish Karein
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Sabse Peeche Hum Khade

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Reh Jaane Do - Xulfi

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Tum Mere Ho

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Kuch Aisa - Xulfi

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Sabse Peeche Kyon Khade

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Sab Yahaan Hain

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Sabse Peeche Hum Khade - Reprise

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Kuch Aisa - Sad Version

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