Thursday, October 1, 2009

FAP Turbo - How Does the FAP Turbo Robot Compare to Other Trading Robots?

On the 5th day of January 2009, the Foreign Exchange market was introduced to a new Forex robot called the FAP Turbo. The programmer of the software was Steve Carlette who, with an initial investment of £500, tested the robot using the EURGBP currency exchange pair. Of course, just like any other experiment, the first trial was unsuccessful. This failure did not prevent the developer from trying again; instead, he thoroughly analyzed what had gone wrong. The reason for which was because of the draw down rate of UK's currency. Because of these results, the developers were able to measure the strong and weak points of the FAP Turbo.

The main purpose of the FAP Turbo is to aid traders to double their income and make trading an easier task for them. As a comparison to other Forex trading robots, the FAP Turbo robot has a low draw down rate of only 0.35%. Users can also start trading with a low capital of $50. It is no wonder why this software has beaten the other Forex robots in the market because of its 95.9% winning ratio.

If you are a newbie to the fast paced world of Foreign Exchange trading, it is advisable that you use the FAP Turbo's demo account first so that you can be aware of how it works before you entrust your money to the software. By doing this, you can discover if this software can truly earn you money or not. Upon arriving at a decision to purchase this robot, it is also recommended that you become a member on their website. The website contains all the details one has to know about the robot.

Because the Forex market is ever changing at such a fast rate, trading robots such as the FAP Turbo are only there to aid its user. It is still crucial that users must check his account from time to time and not fully rely all the work to these robots. Being dependent on these robots are not healthy because there will come a time that they will fail. It is an evident fact of life. You, as the user, should have full control over your money and should be the one who makes the end decisions. These robots are only tools to help you learn how to trade.

By doing your own investigation about the Forex market, you should be able to evaluate and decide which robot is right for you. Knowing the whole capability and limitation of each robot will later benefit you and you will be thankful that you chose the right one.

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